The Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool

Easily Clean Hard-to-Reach Glass!

The #1 selling automotive glass cleaning accessory, the Invisible Glass® Reach & Clean™ Tool reaches into tight spaces such as corners, angles, and deep narrow gaps to quickly and easily clean sloped windshields, rear windows, dashboards, and household glass and mirrors. It’s unique Flex-Tech™ cleaning head keeps full contact on curves and contoured areas that could be missed by rigid imitation tools.

The loop on the handle unscrews so you can attach any standard-thread pole for extra-long reach on RVs, trucks, boats, and tall windows at home or office.

Choose the version that best suits your needs.

The Original Reach & Clean tool is now our most economic tool available. It uses the original glass polishing bonnets that stretch over the entire cleaning head. The Quick Change tool and the Wet/Dry Pro versions use a new ultra-flexible FlexTech cleaning head and new waffle-weave microfiber covers which adhere to the cleaning head with the slightest bit of pressure.

The Pro version also comes with a mini-cleaning head and mini-microfiber covers for wet application that eliminates over-spray. Apply Invisible Glass glass cleaner and use the small cleaning head for scrubbing the glass, then swap out to the larger FlexTech head to polish and dry the glass. Using this method, we believe it will be virtually impossible to leave any residue behind. 

Reach and Clean tool
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Reach & Clean Combo Kit

19oz Cleaner & Cleaning Tool

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Compare the available options

The Invisible Glass Reach & Clean tool comes in several different options. Here is a handy chart that breaks down their differences.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes the best glass cleaning tool?

The best glass cleaning tool gives you to access all the areas of your vehicles glass, inside and out. It has to be flexible enough to give you even pressure against curved glass, while also being durable enough to last for years. A triangle cleaning head gives you access to corners, while the flat side is perfect for long, straight areas, like the top or bottom of your windshield.

What's the easiest way to clean a windshield?

We're a little biased, but thousands of reviews can't be wrong. The Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool makes glass cleaning easy, fast and fun. The Reach & Clean tool is even used by the Automatic Racing team to quickly clean the windshields of their Aston Martin GT4 race cars during IMSA endurance races.

How do I wash the microfiber cleaning cloths?

Microfiber covers or the original stretchable bonnets are good for hundreds of washes. Wash by hand or with cold water on the gentle cycle. DO NOT USE fabric softener. Allow your microfibers to air dry. Microfibers are made from finely woven plastic threads. High heat will melt them and cause them to scratch and degrade.

Are the covers replaceable?

Yes! Patented Quick Change technology allows microfiber covers to easily attach or detach in just seconds. All covers and bonnets are washable, reversible and reusable. Replacement covers are also available, and many professionals have found ways to use their own microfibers with the Reach & Clean tool.

Can I use water, vinegar, or another cleaner to clean my windshield?

Streaks are caused by residue that's left behind after you're done cleaning. Invisible Glass cleaner has been scientifically tested to leave absolutely zero residue behind. All other cleaners contain soaps, scents or dyes that don't completely evaporate. Water and vinegar can leave automotive glass sticky and more likely to attract dust, dirt and haze. If you want 100% streak free clean glass, use Invisible Glass.

Are replacement bonnets / covers available?

Yes! We currently stock a 3-pack of the original microfiber bonnets, and a 6-pack of the new Quick Change covers is coming soon. The mesh bug-scrubbing cover is available in the Original Reach & Clean Tool along with the super fluffy, multi-purpose bonnet. For additional questions, feel free to contact us.

I thought my windshield was clean, but now i see streaks! What's going on?

Try using less glass cleaner. One of the biggest issues is over-applying glass cleaner. Any little bit that isn't dried off, or polished off, can leave streaks behind.

Reach and Clean Tool History

An Original Can't be Beat!

Launched in the late 1990's by inventor Ken Post, the Original Reach & Clean tool has proven itself to decades of professional automotive detailers, picky car and truck owners, and home owners. Partnered with America's #1 selling automotive glass cleaner, Invisible Glass, this tool has repeatedly been a best seller in retail stores and online. It's flexible contouring head allows constant and even pressure to clean automotive glass better than hand-held towels or cloths.

"You can't clean what you can't reach!" -Ken Post

As cars become more and more streamlined, automakers are adding more curves and a steeper slope to vehicle windshield. Ken's inspiration was the idea that you can't clean what you can't reach. Simply put, if you cant get your hand down into the space between your dash and windshield, then you'll never be able to truly clean that glass. There must be an easier way.

Even in the home, glass surfaces are often out of reach. Tall windows or mirrors are frustrating to clean. Ken's creation made that easier too. He invented a way to attach any standard thread pole to the end of his tool to add greater reach and make glass cleaning easier.

Constant Improvement

In 2019 the tool was further refined, adding a patented foam as the way to attach the cleaning covers to the flexible cleaning head. His ideas made it possible to swap cleaning covers faster than ever before. In addition to the new way of attaching the microfibers, Ken also introduced the new Mini-Pro cleaning head. A smaller version of the existing cleaning head, that will allow users to apply the glass cleaner outside of a vehicle, avoiding over-spray and over saturation, while adding a way to access smaller side-windows, mirrors, sunroofs and more.