Bug Eraser

10 Wipes per Box


Bug Eraser

10 Wipes per Box

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Removes Bugs Fast and Easy

Bug Eraser® effortlessly removes baked on bugs, bird droppings, and road grime with just gentle rubbing. It contains a softening agent that loosens bugs and lubricates paint finishes while synthetic microfibers grab and lift off bugs with ease. It easily slides across the car without scratching.

Safe for ALL AUTOMOTIVE Surfaces

Bug Eraser® wipes will not scratch or cause swirl marks on paint finishes the way netted bug sponges or course foam blocks can. Bug Eraser® wipes contain no harmful solvents or degreasers that can ruin plastic grills, bumpers, headlights, or mirror housings. Safe to use on all exterior vehicle surfaces including paint, plastic, rubber, chrome and glass.

Activates with Just 2 oz of Water

Just moisten a wipe with as little as 2 oz. of water. No hose required. Once wet, gently and easily wipe away bugs, and then wipe surface dry with a microfiber cloth. Ideal for spot cleaning or pre-washing!

Great for road trips. Keep wipes in your door pocket and wet with bottled water when needed. Won’t dry out over time like canister wipes.



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  1. Wet one wipe with as little as 2 oz. of water. ALWAYS use wet.
  2. Gently wipe bugs from vehicle surface using the blue side, which contains the high lubricity softening agent. Wipe surface dry with a clean, dry, microfiber cloth or spray clean with water.
  3. Discard or recycle wipes after use.