Gust Easy Duster

12 oz Can


Gust Easy Duster

12 oz Can

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$ 16.99

Dust with GUST

Easily remove dust, dirt, and contaminants from hard-to-reach areas or delicate surfaces.

Extremely clean, filtered, moisture-free, high pressure gas that will not scratch or harm glass, optics, metals, plastics, rubber, or hardware when used as directed. GUST’s unique variable pressure trigger lets you control the dusting pressure.




Remove tab on sprayer top. Hold can nozzle three inches from surface and spray in short blasts to blow away dust, dirt, and debris. Hold can upright when using. Do not shake. This product contains a liquefied gas which will expel as a liquid if can is held sideways, upside down, or shaken when using. When sprayed in liquid form, this product can cause frostbite burns. If sprayed for extended time, container will become very cold and pressure will weaken. To avoid discomfort, use product in short blasts or wear gloves to insulate hands.