Foaming Brush FB1

5 Gal 55 Gal


Foaming Brush FB1

5 Gal 55 Gal

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$ 97.10

Best Value, Super Concentrate

Cherry scented foam quickly removes road build-up from all vehicle surfaces.

It's ideal for use in foaming brush units, rollovers, or wherever a high foaming cleaner is needed.

Safe for clear coat finishes.

FB1 Foaming Brush is a super-concentrated, high-foaming, free rinsing shampoo for foaming brush units and similar systems. FB1 quickly removes tough road film and soil build-up from all vehicle surfaces with a thick, rich, visually appealing, bright pink foam that allows complete coverage, excellent stability, and maximum surface cling. The pleasant cherry scent will be present throughout the wash bay. FB1 Rinses freely and completely to help prevent streaking. FB1 foam provides exceptional lubrication qualities to help protect against surface scratching.

Super concentrated for economy and cost effectiveness.

Hard water tolerant. Contains no phosphates, caustics, acids or petroleum solvents. Contains no silicone wetting agents. Safe for clear coat finishes when used as directed. Stoner Car Care Pro FB1 Foaming Brush is concentrated for dilution with water only. When used directly from the container, start by diluting at 1:600 (FB1:water). To predilute, mix 1 part concentrate with 2 parts water and further dilute at 1:200. Test mixture and adjust dilution, if necessary, for desired foam and cleaning strength.