Pre-Soak Cleaner PS2


Pre-Soak Cleaner PS2

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Lemon Scented foam quickly loosen and remove tough dirt, grease, bugs, brake dust, and other build-up.

This yellow, foaming lemon-scented formula is ideal for self-serve, rollover, and conveyor washes.This concentrated detergent is the first step to professional car washing.

Safe for clear coat finishes.

Pre Soak 2 can also be used as an engine cleaner in high or low pressure applications. PS2 produces thin, cascading sheets of visually appealing suds and leaves a pleasant lemon scent throughout the wash bay. PS2 rinses freely and completely to help prevent streaking.

Super concentrated for economy and cost effectiveness.

Hard water tolerant. Contains no phosphates, caustics, acids or petroleum solvents. Contains no silicone wetting agents. Safe for clear coat finishes when used as directed. Stoner Car Care Professional PS2 Pre-Soak Cleaner is concentrated for dilution with water only. When used directly from the container, start by diluting at 1:100-150 (PS2:Water). To pre-dilute, mix 1 part concentrate with 3 parts water and then further dilute at 1:50. Test mixture and adjust dilution, if necessary, for desired appearance and cleaning strength. Apply to either a dry or wet vehicle. When applied through a prep gun, low pressure sprayer or manual applicator, follow with a wash cycle. For a higher concentrated product see PS1 Pre-Soak Cleaner