This Year's Car Show Donation Period has Ended

The Donation Application period for this year have ended, BUT don't worry, if you fill out this form, we'll send you a notification when the application period begins again in January.

Before you sign up... Here are the guidelines:

  1. All donation requests must be submitted by March 31st at midnight EST.
  2. We will only accept requests from Car Clubs and Automotive events.
  3. Limit of 1 request per club/organization, per year.
  4. A verified working email address is required. (You'll receive a verification email after submitting this form)
  5. We MUST be able to confirm your show exists. This includes some sort of web presence. (Facebook, News Coverage or club website with a working calendar of events)

All donations are at the discretion of Stoner Car Care.
Past sponsorship is not a guarantee of future participation.