Quality and PerformanceSince 1942

Our Heritage

Stoner is the family name behind many hard-working products trusted by professional detailers, car wash owners, and automotive enthusiasts, as well as industrial manufacturers. The Stoner heritage of innovation and integrity began with founder, Paul Stoner.

Paul Stoner

Born in 1914 on a farm in Lancaster County, Pa., Paul Stoner learned the value of persistence and hard work at a young age after the death of both parents. Paul had a natural passion for serving others, listening to their needs, and innovating ways to solve their problems.

After graduating from Franklin & Marshall College with a degree in Chemistry, Paul formed Stoner’s Ink Company in 1942 specializing in printing inks. While running his business, Paul took part-time jobs including work with a local tire retread plant. During this experience, Paul developed innovative products to make molding tires easier, faster and more efficiently. His first product was a rubber mold release agent. As Paul improved his products, he became a pioneer in aerosol technology.

In the 1960s Paul developed the first aerosol dressing called “No-Rub Polish,” which restored shine to faded auto trim without wiping. It quickly became a favorite of auto dealers and detailers. New cleaners, waxes, and polishes were added. Today Stoner offers a full line of automotive products known as the Stoner Car Care brand.

Paul’s Legacy

Paul treated employees as family and strived to bring value to every customer. Today, hard work, dedication, and innovation are still deeply rooted in Stoner company values. How we serve our customers is Paul’s legacy.

Continuing the Tradition

Stoner Car Care is still family owned. It is operated by Paul’s grandson, Rob Ecklin Jr. who spent his summers working in his Grandfather’s factory. Rob is an avid automotive enthusiast who developed a passion for performance at a young age. He grew up near Watkin’s Glen, NY, where he and his father attended Can-Am and Formula 1 races together.

Rob’s love of cars motivated him to become a race car driver in the early 2000’s. He now races an Aston Martin Vantage in the IMSA circuit. Rob is as meticulous about the performance of the car he races as the products he makes.

Performance Matters!

Rob Ecklin is committed to excellence. While restoring one of his vehicles, he purchased Horsepower Enterprises, a Concourse level restoration shop that competes internationally. Horsepower restorations have won awards at Concourse d’Elegance shows in Lake Como, Italy, Pinehurst, Hilton Head, Boca Raton, Radnor Hunt and Pebble Beach.

Horsepower Enterprises Concourse level restorations require products with a proven track record. Whether it’s detailing in your driveway, restoring a classic, or racing an Aston Martin, you can trust the performance of Stoner Car Care products.